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How to teach a child to engage in

From the first days of school there is a problem to the students' parents: how to teach your child to do homework independently. And the more your baby ward was still, the more difficult to accustom him to get ready for school. So how do you do it?

How to teach a child to engage in

Instruction how to teach a child to engage in

Step 1:

So, if you want your child successfully studied in middle and high school when homework will already complex enough to begin to teach him self-reliance should be the very first day of school. Explain to your child that the lessons - it is his duty, and he must deal with them certain times each weekday. Set Sports are the hours in which you will be able to initially control the process of doing homework. Control - does not mean to sit and solve the puzzles with your child and watch from the fact that he is not distracted by foreign objects - the TV, computer, toys and books.

Step 2:

In carrying out the lessons of the child difficulties may arise sooner or later, he will face a challenge that will not be able to solve itself. In this case, you should help him. Find a similar problem or change the initial conditions so as to be slightly different in numbers. Then find the textbook way to solve this problem and together with the child get the right answer. If during the "Autumn" joint solution your student - do not disturb him, let him come to the end of the task itself. It will also be useful to look along a few alternative job solutions. Try to turn this process into a competition: who invents a better solution - get a prize. When a child learns a way to solve it without any problems on their own to cope with the initial task.

Step 3:

However, it happens that the child does not want to learn. Then come to the aid of the right motivation. Do not press on the child. Just show him clearly what will happen if he does not learn - the hard, poorly paid work and lower status in society frighten almost any small ribbon. By contrast, tell your child that waits for a successful student: exciting student days, a prestigious job, and a good labor remuneration.

Step 4:

Another case - when a child wants to learn, but not osilivaet program. In this case, the approach should be individualized and careful. Parents of the student should consult with the teacher and the school psychologist and follow their recommendations. The main thing - do not give a student to lose faith in themselves and their strength. At school, perhaps a successful training is not only due to the light head, but by perseverance. And you can manifest itself in art, sports and other areas of school life.

Step 5:

One last tip. Remember themselves in school. If you do not have enough stars in the sky, you do not expect this from a child. And vice versa - do not press on it with their excellent marks in school. So you only embitter him or morally humiliate. Remember, your child is the most unique, do not compare him with anyone and love for what it is.