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How to teach a child to have their own

The first attempts to have a child on their own appear to have 6 months when the baby is able to grip items in hand - whether it be a toy or a biscuit. Towards the year there is an interest to cutlery, as well as the desire to eat without help from an adult. During this period it is very important not to miss a moment of interest and try to inspire even more children. Completely alone a child can have in 1.5-2 years, do it gently - close to 3 years, and master the art of managing a fork and knife - 4 years.

How to teach a child to have their own

You will need:

- Deep unbreakable dish - baby spoon - Children's apron or apron - napkins

Instruction how to teach a child to eat their own

Step 1:

Get the kid or select from existing own spoon. It should be convenient form of appropriate size for the child's hands. You can also use a regular teaspoon. To pipsqueak determine which hand it is more convenient to have, you can offer him two spoons at once. Later, you try both, he is determined. Children's fork and knife must be sharp, not to hurt the baby.

Step 2:

Select the plate. It is best suited shatterproof plastic plate with a special suction cup on the bottom of the external, so that during feeding, it does not move and could not fall off the table. Since the first attempts to eat on their own will last a long time, the food is likely to quickly cool down. So you can pick up a special plate with a double bottom, which is filled with hot water, which allows food to stay warm longer.

Step 3:

As long as the baby learns to eat neatly, put on his apron or special apron for nourishment. In summer you can feed your baby naked in shorts. Feed your baby before bathing.

Step 4:

Show your personal example. At that time, until the baby learns, he is more a parody of adult behavior. This applies to speech and movement, and the absorption of food as well. So when you teach a child to eat on their own, eat with him. It would be good if there is a pipsqueak with all family members at once - this will teach him table manners.

Step 5:

Praise your child for successful attempts to have their own and in any case not scold or punish for failures. He's just learning! A penalty can only fight off the desire to learn and have in principle.