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How to teach a child to music

Music contributes to the harmonious development of your baby. Teach him to listen to the works of Russian and foreign classics, musical fairy tale, and you will see how your baby is growing emotionally.

How to teach a child to music

Instruction how to teach a child to music

Step 1:

Start collecting the best pieces of music that will listen to your child. Include in library musical fairy tales and write songs from children's movies, classical works, folk art recording jazz compositions.

Step 2:

Include every day to music as a background. At first, your child may not notice the unobtrusive background music. But then he starts to listen. Then he will start to develop your own preferences.

Step 3:

Sing to your baby. For example, to execute him lullabies when the child falls asleep, humming, walking with him. Remember what your mom singing songs to you as a child, or look for the material in the books on the development of children, or the Internet.

Step 4:

Encourage your child to musical instruments. This can be done when it is still in its infancy. The role of the first tools may perform rattles. Then you can find children's versions: tambourines, harmonicas, whistles. Play on their child, and you will see how he, too, wants to try his hand.

Step 5:

Take your child with you to the concert, for example, to the Philharmonic. Let him know that this is a serious classical music. Consider the child's age. Do not lead him to a concert before reaching 5 years of age.

Step 6:

Give your child singing toys or music boxes. After the game, he will perceive the music faster.

Step 7:

Walk with baby in the children's musical performances. When the music is accompanied by visuals, the child perceives it better.

Step 8:

See children's films or cartoons where the characters sing a lot. Children love to review your favorite fairy tales and sing along with the characters.

Step 9:

Encourage your child to dance. If your baby is growing mobile and active, it will be easier to carry away his music through movement under it. Include energetic composition and show different pas child.