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How to teach a child to read without difficulty

Are you worried that your baby is not reading? Do not worry. If the child likes a book, sooner or later he will ask you to introduce him to the letters. In your power to instill in him the love since childhood, and then just to maintain the natural baby thirst for knowledge and grow bibliophile.

How to teach a child to read without difficulty

You will need:

- ABC or ABC; - Blocks with letters; - Pencils, paints.

Instruction how to teach a child to read without difficulty

Step 1:

To easily teach a child to read, it is important to first instill in him a love for books. Make it so that they accompanied the crumbs from a very early age. Let the books are always within reach of the child. Although the child is still not understand everything, but he will turn the pages, look at the pictures. Read nursery rhymes to him, Russian folk tales, works of famous children's books, poetry. Love of books is laid at this time. Let the reading aloud in the company of people in the household will become a family tradition. Be an example for crumbs: read yourself.

Step 2:

You can build a training in one of the modern developing methodologies for doing this since childhood. At Glenn Doman cards depicted objects and their names that small children remember thanks to a good visual memory. The technique is based on Nikolai Zaitsev learning to spell, shown on the dice. Of these, the baby is the word, moving gradually from writing to reading. You can begin to engage since two years: to put words to sing popevki and alphabet. Singing - an essential principle of the method Zaitseva.

Step 3:

You can teach a child to read, using any technique, especially if the baby is ready for it, and he wants to learn. Typically, an active interest in the letters of the children themselves begin to show with three years. It was at this time to teach reading is easier than at a later age. Draw letters pencils and paints on paper, fingers on the rump of scattered or sand sculpting from clay. Try to put them out of beads, a large mosaic, counting sticks. These exercises help your child remember the alphabet better. Get the ABC or ABC book with beautiful illustrations, show your child how to form syllables, as they can be friends with each other letters. Remember that you need to engage in a three-year slowly - several times a day for 5-7 minutes. The main thing is that these classes were interesting and brought joy to the child. And more often praise the baby!