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How to teach a child to sleep at night

A healthy, strong and long sleep of the child during the night - the dream of most parents. So teach your baby to sleep at night, observing the constant mode, day after day, it is still in infancy.

How to teach a child to sleep at night

Instruction how to teach a child to sleep at night

Step 1:

Observe the daily mode, since the first days of life. In the first weeks of babies sleep most of the day. Awake, they often tend to when they want to eat when it's time to change a diaper or when experiencing any unpleasant feelings -. Cold, abdominal pain, etc. Also, the child may wake up from the movements of their hands and legs from the sharp loud noises, by change background sounds (for example, when you turn on or turn off the TV or radio).

Step 2:

Remember that in the first months of a child's life can be a restless sleep, but at this time it is necessary to accustom him to the long night sleep.

Step 3:

Cultivate the baby reflex "sleep", performing the same ritual every evening before going to bed. Let it includes bathing, hygiene, light massage, diapering, feeding. In this case, the room should be lit the night light, not the overhead light. Talk at this time quieter than usual, you can sing and lulls the kid. Ask relatives turn down the TV sound.

Step 4:

Before you put your child at night, make sure that nothing caused him discomfort - he belched air after feeding, celebrated their natural needs.

Step 5:

If your baby is sleeping restlessly, swaddle him on the night of the handles to the movement of their own limbs did not wake him, even during sleep rather weak. If the room is hot, not Kuta child. If it is cool, then take care of the fact that it is not frozen - Nestle his blanket, securing the ends with special holders, so that it does not slip.

Step 6:

Prepare the night before all the things that you may need in the night. Let there be a number of wet wipes, and on the changing table is already clean diaper to quickly change out the baby if it wakes up wet or dirty.

Step 7:

Do not talk with your child during the night feedings, do not turn on the overhead light in the room. Let the feeding and diapering are under a lamp light. After these procedures, you must immediately put the child.

Step 8:

Lay your baby to sleep in the same time every day. So he formed a regime that will ensure a long and good night's sleep.