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How to teach a child to solve mathematics

Mathematics - a leading science that requires precision and care. To teach her baby do not be afraid, try to trim the right job. The first lesson should be entertaining to interest the child completely.

How to teach a child to solve mathematics

You will need:

- line; - Pencil; - Eraser; - a pen; - Illustration.

Instruction how to teach the child to solve mathematics

Step 1:

First, buy a child a normal ruler, pens, pencils and notebooks. Now go to the formation of a small math library. In her place the textbooks for mathematics, solutions to specific problems, additional allowances and collections of problems. When selecting literature guided by the child's age, his general level of development and the assimilation of the material.

Step 2:

When the preparatory phase has been completed, go to classes, which at first should not last longer than thirty or forty minutes. While they do short breaks, every fifteen or twenty minutes. Breaks spend a fizkultminutok that will help the child to escape, unwind. Do not pause too long, as it is completely disorganizing the baby.

Step 3:

For the first lesson, select the job in the form of a game, as it will help to attract the student. Choose examples and charades, to which is attached a drawing explaining. Also, certainly illustrates all Solved examples and problems, to draw the attention of the child, including his imagination.

Step 4:

If the child is happy to solve simple problems, go on to more complex examples. At first, the use of textbooks with the help of ready-made solutions. Give the student the opportunity to spy on the correct course of solving the problem or an example, and then pick up a similar job for him. During the decision tells the kid, direct his thoughts in the right direction. This necessarily comment on every action, explain to your child why it is considered right or wrong.

Step 5:

When a child learns the basic principles of work with examples and tasks, continue studies, but in a different way. Give your child examples he decides independently, explaining each step out loud. In the course of solving adjust its errors, fix bugs. Spend more time in such pursuits - and after a short time the baby will be well versed in mathematics.