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How to teach a child to talk

Many children under the influence of emotions and feelings can not be clearly and correctly formulate the idea, describe events, situations. It is important to teach the child to communicate, talk and share experiences from an early age.

How to teach a child to talk

Instruction how to teach a child to talk

Step 1:

Start with a 1.5 - 2 years of teaching a child retelling of small texts with a simple story. Read his children's stories for the little ones, such as "turnip", "Hen Ryaba", "Gingerbread." Then ask him probing questions. For example, "Who planted the turnip?", "Who helped pull the turnip?". Do not rush the child, let him remember himself and try to answer the question first, in a word, phrase, and then deployed.

Step 2:

Teach your baby to 2 - 3 years memorizing short texts. Apply the technique reflected retelling. You read a phrase from a fairy tale not to the end and let the child finish the sentence. For example, you start the "Once upon a grandfather and ..." and the child ends up "Baba". Over time, the kid will remember the sequence of actions and learn a story completely.

Step 3:

Show your baby cartoons, drive it to the theater. Immediately after watching a talk about the story, ask to share his emotions, isolate the positive and negative characters, describe their appearance and character. Ask your child about what he teaches cartoon story or play, and then let us know what your opinion in detail.

Step 4:

Have your child see a picture. Please ask him simple questions on the content of the picture, and then ask them to describe their own image. Also during the game describe toys, pay attention to their color, shape, size. Encourage your child to compare the older two dolls, define the main characteristic features. Make sure that he finished speaking phrases.

Step 5:

Place the child in front of a few toys and ask him to create a storyline. For example, show the baby doll, a basket and a mushroom. Let your child come up with, where and why the girl went, who met on the road that has brought. Gradually he learned to dream and create their own stories.

Step 6:

Remind your child about the events of the past. For example, a family hike in the woods on the weekends. Let him talk to friends or family, what he did, he saw interesting. Help your child to remember special moments.

Step 7:

Do not forget that children copy adult behavior. Therefore, your speech should be properly set. Talk detailed proposals with detailed descriptions.