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How to teach a child to the Russian language

The first teachers and original teachers of the Russian language for their children, of course, are the parents. Their task - to teach the kid right to use certain words, to make sure that his speech was a clean, smooth and beautiful.

How to teach a child to the Russian language

Instruction how to teach a child to the Russian language

Step 1:

Watch your tongue, for what and how you say it. A child absorbs, stores, copy it parents. For two years in the minds of the little man laid grammatical constructions - a frame construction design for the competent and correct speech. And if together you say illiterate language used colloquial speech, then it is likely that your child will say the same.

Step 2:

In the first years of life a child learns Russian language in communication. Talk to your baby, show new items and call them, but the call is correct, not distorted, not repeating the pronunciation of the child, even if his words seem ridiculous to you and touches you. Feeding the baby machine, say "machine" and not "bi -bi" or still somehow. If your child brings you joy with the doll while saying, "Kate", - the head nod, but say the word "doll". So the child will remember the name and the correct pronunciation.

Step 3:

Teach Russian language in the game. In the form of a game Vocabulary kid. Meet new things and new words. Remarkably, if the baby will repeat the word several times, if not for you, try a few times, new words for yourself and be sure to remind them later. Do not press on the child, be patient.

Step 4:

Read the book to the child. Texts - a sample of competent and correct speech, so the choice of books approach very carefully.

Step 5:

Buy educational games: Lotto syllabary, letters - cubes, magnetic or acoustic alphabet, learning computer game. Bright, colorful kid's favorite characters in a very accessible and entertaining way will teach him to read.

Step 6:

Do not focus on failures, better praise when the baby turned out correctly pronounce the word, gather it from the pack.

Step 7:

Watch out for the correct use cases. This will facilitate further storage of the most important spelling rules of the Russian language. To do this in a conversation with the child try to use speech as much as possible forms of the word. For example: "At the weekend we go to Grandpa! Grandpa missed. You'll be a grandfather to play checkers. " This will then also teach in the school.

Step 8:

Refer to a speech therapist as soon as possible if your child with a speech problem. Correct speech problems before they start school. Russian letter is based on the phonemic principle. A child with speech problems writes illiterate, allows a lot of mistakes. It is futile and cruel will then scold the child for bad grades in the Russian language.

Step 9:

In elementary school, pay special attention to how the child writes. ask him to pronounce, "sings" words about yourself when copying the text or writing from dictation. Such a process helps to see the error, monitor the process of writing. Do not write for your child works, let writes them himself. So, as it will.

Step 10:

Ensure that your child do homework, she taught the rules. Spelling rules in elementary school only 9, so they will be easy to learn. When checking the written homework asked to recall a rule, if a child made a mistake.