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How to teach a preschooler to read

There are many methods of teaching children to read. Some parents want to start learning more about one year, while others are waiting for four to five years. No matter by what technique you teach your child to read, you need to know the basic rules that make learning easier and more interesting to be held.

How to teach a preschooler to read

Instruction how to teach a preschooler to read

Step 1:

First of all, try to make sure that the child loved the book from early childhood. This does not mean that it is necessary to it as soon as possible to teach reading, just make it the subject of the game. Let your baby just to look through the book and see.

Step 2:

Teach your child to read, using all sorts of games, ie try by all means to interest him. You can with the baby to seek the missing letters or read any secret missions. It is like children playing hide and seek on the note. You can hide the toy in a certain place, and leave a note with the indication of the place. Learn how to play the game and then complicate the fact that the note indicated on the site will be based on the following note.

Step 3:

Not only do your best to the study of letters and addition of these words, the child in the preschool should develop comprehensively. Ask him to write a story, you write it, and then you can ask the child to read it.

Step 4:

Show by example, be able to read it - it's interesting. Periodically sit down to read the book yourself. Children imitate adults around, soon he would pick up a book of fairy tales and expresses the wish to learn to read like mom or dad.

Step 5:

Remember that you need to teach reading from the sound to the letter, ie first child should learn all the sounds, and then all the "official" name letters. Also, some teachers do not recommend the use of the alphabet with pictures. The child associates with a certain letter of the picture, and in the future when reading words, which meets this letter, in his mind there is a picture of the "ABC" and it can be difficult to navigate.

Step 6:

In no case do not force your child to read against his will, otherwise you can and do discourage his desire to learn. If it is strongly against the occupation, set them aside for a while or select another technique that is best for your child.