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How to teach children to dance

Dance training promotes the formation of a child's flexibility, coordination, sense of rhythm, it provides a uniform physical load on the major muscle groups. Dance - is a beautiful movement, the art to control the body and subtly feel the music, the ability to openly express their feelings.

How to teach children to dance

Instruction how to teach children to dance

Step 1:

The first attempts to dance the kid does have a year when starting to walk. But the first dance lessons can give crumbs long before that, as soon as it will be well to keep his head. To do this, try taking the baby in his arms, under the melodious music to be turned with him into the dance. Thus, the crumb will gradually learn to relate dance moves with the melody. When the kid will have to stand alone, holding a support, it will be able in time to the music to make their own rhythmic movements.

How to teach children to dance

Step 2:

Show crumbs simple dance moves with the help of available and understandable way (beetles, horses, natural phenomena) for the development of his imitative abilities. Encourage crumbs, dance with him, applaud him after the dance.

Step 3:

Remarkably, if the house has a piano or other musical instrument, on which you can strum toddler tunes for dancing. Also today, picks up classical and folk music, using different musical tunes rates. In those days, when sounded polka, march, waltz, a lullaby, it was natural.

How to teach children to dance

Step 4:

Teach your baby to hear the music, feel it, he has to get used to the fact that the music - it is not background. Organize your child's attention to help special games. For example, with the end of the melody the child should stay. All familiar game of "cat and mouse" will help you to solve a number of important musical-motor and psychological problems. Sounds of music for "mice" - "stalking," and the child should be of the "mouse". Then it starts to sound different music ( "cat") - and there is a strong shift reaction. Game organizes the child's attention, "cat" can not run, start the attack before will sound "cat" music and "mouse" can not rush to get away from them before it again, tell them music. Attempts of this transformation lay the baby the basics of self-regulation.

Step 5:

Perform the exercise with the baby, contributing to the development of coordination, as it is very important for the dance. For example, copy the movement of fish, pose herons, swallows. Do not forget about jumping: jump with the baby turn, first one, then two legs, with different variations.

How to teach children to dance

Step 6:

Dance requires flexibility of the body, so take time gymnastics. Stretch muscles with special exercises. When the baby is a little older, approximately 3-4 years, write it in art school, dance studio or school. The skills that he got with you, it is very useful.