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How to teach children to love nature

For the child, the natural world is fraught with a lot of mysteries. Helping your child understand the beauty of the world, opening the curtain in front of him on the mysteries of nature, parents can instill a love of the little man, and respect for all living things, to the beauty of his native land.

How to teach children to love nature

Instruction how to teach children to love nature

Step 1:

The spiritual world of the child starts to develop in early childhood. It was at this age begin to develop the baby's aesthetic appreciation of beauty. Try to make sure that nature has become a wise friend to him.

Step 2:

While walking at any time of the year open with the baby is beautiful and amazing in natural phenomena. Pay attention to the crumbs on the seemingly commonplace. In winter, admire sparkling under the bright rays of the sun in snow, the beauty and variety of forms of each snowflake, snow caps on the tree branches. Spring carrying the rebirth of nature, give the kid punched impressions of the young grass, swollen kidney and the first leaves; Summer delight morning dew drops, the hot sun, a rainbow after the rain, fragrant flowers, learn to listen and distinguish the different birds singing.

Step 3:

Your task is to help the child to penetrate deeper into the world of the beauty of nature, seeing the miracle, even in normal, very inconspicuous. Do not pass by, peered, delve, along with the Listen for the baby! In the fall, when the colors and smells of fading nature particularly expressive, collect fallen leaves of trees, admiring their shape and color, make up a bouquet of dried leaves.

How to teach children to love nature

Step 4:

Teach your child the artistic perception of nature. Work out with a walk in the woods or the park, the lake or the river, watch and remember the smells, sounds and colors of nature, draw, take pictures of it. Make a baby album with a collection of his photographs of beautiful landscapes, views of nature. Ask your child to express his experience, vision applications using or drawing. Encourage a child's desire to create, to make crafts from natural materials (cones, driftwood, dried leaves, flowers, etc.).

Step 5:

Try to uncover baby talent poetic vision of nature. Engage the child's writing small poems about nature, stories, fairy tales. Read books about animals, nature: E. Charushin V. Bianchi, K.Paustovsky, Prishvin, B. Zhitkova and other wonderful children's authors.