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How to teach children traffic rules

Knowledge of traffic rules - the basis of the security of modern man. And this is the first rule that needs to know and apply the child. It is the responsibility of parents to teach the child enters these postulates, although it is often the parents are the clear example of how not to do. And when you consider that children copy parents' behaviors, it is not surprising that car accidents involving young pedestrians are increasingly occur.

How to teach children traffic rules

Instruction how to teach children traffic rules

Step 1:

Learning the rules is better to start with a personal example. If the child sees every day as his mother or father cross the road at a red light, not on the "zebra" or do not comply with the rules as drivers, no talk about how to properly do not work for the child. Every its output on the road you have to comment on the child. Why did you stop at the transition why wait, why did you have to look to the left, then right, etc.

Step 2:

Frighten a young child the consequences of inappropriate behavior on the road is not necessary. But the students are old enough to appreciate the consequences of his rash act. Yes, and control need. They can break the rules just for the company, not to look in the eyes of a weakling classmates. Try to convey to the child that the risk of their own lives - this is nonsense and we should learn how to adequately respond to such verification on the strength.

Step 3:

If the child already walks or go to school on their own, you can personally check how it complies with the SDA. If he has to cross the road, to follow him. There is nothing shameful and unacceptable - you just want to make sure it is safe. And if the observation will be disappointing, will have a serious talk with your child. Just do not give out, where did you get this information, so it is possible to lose the trust of a son or daughter. And use the "surveillance", most likely, it will still have more than once.

Step 4:

Preschoolers the basics of road safety is better to present in a playful way. If you are traveling with a child in the car, ask him to comment on all the actions of pedestrians, giving them a rating. Houses can be simulated traffic situation using toy cars and dolls or soft bears and bunnies.

Step 5:

Traffic police often carry out preventive work among children, which includes a variety of events and festivals. Try to attend such events at which a child can go in the role of an inspector, and as a driver and as a pedestrian.