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How to teach infants to sleep at night

Sleep - this is one of the main indicators of the baby's health. It was a dream baby is growing and resting, getting ready to explore the world around them. Unfortunately, not all kids are sleeping soundly and undisturbed. There are a few simple rules that will help the child to sleep soundly throughout the night. They need to stick with the first month of life.

How to teach infants to sleep at night

Instruction how to teach infants to sleep at night

Step 1:

Lay your baby to sleep in the same time. Before going to sleep necessarily bathe the child in warm some water to the infusion of herbs and make a massage, it helps to move gas. Create your own ritual of night sleep.

Step 2:

The baby slept well, he should not feel hunger. Feed crumbs thirty minutes before bedtime. Then hold it in her arms in the upright position, so that the child could vomit caught with air food. Be sure to wait until the air has escaped.

Step 3:

Before going to sleep well ventilate the room. The air in the room should be slightly moist and cool. The more oxygen in the air, the stronger will be the dream baby.

Step 4:

In the evening, try not to loud music and television, in order to avoid unnecessary noise. Do not expose the child to communicate with more people. Create a quiet home and a cozy atmosphere that will promote sound sleep baby.

Step 5:

Carefully swaddle baby with handles, so they do not interfere with it, and the child is not afraid of twitching his legs and arms in a dream. At night perepelenayte crumbs only at need.

Step 6:

At night, leave the room included a nightlight, twilight should prevail. During the night feeding dull light, less talk.

Step 7:

Do not accustom the baby to motion sickness. Put him to bed and sit next to, as long as the child does not fall asleep. Sing him a lullaby, your voice will soothe him and help sleep. If your baby wakes up at night, teach him to fall asleep on their own.

Step 8:

Spend more time with your child outdoors. Do not miss the daily walks.

Step 9:

Try to calmly respond to the cries of a baby and crying without any reasons. Do not take it immediately on hand at every cry, otherwise it it very quickly gets used. The child will understand that it will always come crying mother and surrounded by love.