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How to teach the months and seasons of the year with a child

The study of the seasons - it's child's familiarity with the cyclical nature of time, its continuity and repeatability in the events and phenomena. Memorization occurs gradually, but especially remembered by the child thrills on seasonal holidays, the fun of winter and summer games. In kindergartens of seasonal festivals often depends on the planning and construction of the entire educational program.

How to teach the months and seasons of the year with a child

You will need:

- riddles about seasons; - Prigovorki zaklichki and seasonal phenomena; - Colorful calendar with monthly pictures of nature in all seasons.

Instruction how to teach the months and seasons of the year with a child

Step 1:

Make a plan for the holidays given to incorporate the change of seasons. These festivals are held during the periods of the brightest manifestations of seasonal phenomena. For example, the autumn festival is held in late September, when the leaves on the trees turn yellow and red; when the weather turns rainy and harvested fruits and vegetables crops. Winter festival is held in the New Year, spring - during snowmelt and summer - with the appearance of grass, flowers, insects.

Step 2:

Plan and conduct of national holidays. It is on these children are most actively acquainted with the games, the appropriate time of year. During the celebration of Carnival children say goodbye to winter and the last time ride with melted mountains, playing in the snow in the icy fortress. In June, the birch trees at the festival, the children lead dances, playing catch-up, making wreaths of flowers.

Step 3:

Meet the children at the beginning of each month, not only with his name (modern and folk), but also with the main signs that develop in children the memory and observation. For example, December used to be called "stuzhaylo" because "on the ground all winter Studio", and in October - "gryaznik", because all the people "Learn autumn in October in the mud."

Step 4:

Pay attention to children in bright weather events: the storm is in the late spring and summer, as the snow falls in the winter. Ask the children to draw what they remembered most in the past summer. Their figure should be in the winter to remind children about the summer. Ask, for any sign of it and then be able to learn.

Step 5:

Learn the most popular with children and prigovorki zaklichki reflecting weather phenomena in the same period: "Rain, rain, forest ..", "the sun is shining through the window." Repeat them so often that they become familiar and easy to remember.

Step 6:

Assemble a collection of riddles about seasons and months. The younger the child, the more imaginative and more accurately should be presented in the puzzle signs of the appearance of the object that you want to guess: "A long, smooth, orange, sweet. Bunnies eat and we're told. " You can specify the time of year when grows carrots on beds. Older children can already guess shaped puzzles: "The tablecloth is white all the land dressed" (snow). Popular among children and riddles with rhymed otgadka: "From the sky fall and winter circling above the earth, light fluff, white ... (snowflakes)"

Step 7:

Spend the end of the month or at the end of the final session of the season. Think of the children and secure all the signs of this time of year, the signs of which are memorable verses that have learned in the classroom. Put forth a riddle general nature: "Melts Snow, Meadow came to life, the day comes when it happens?" (Spring). Apply for the album, which gather together the children of nature illustration, holidays, children's games in line with the time of year.