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How to teach your baby to sit

The kid turned five months. He knows how much: keep your head and smile in response to your smile, reach for the interest of his subjects, roll, etc. But the crumbs have a lot to learn, for example, sit. The parents in this he can help.

How to teach your baby to sit

You will need:

- baby oil massage; - Swimming pool or tub; - Toys; - Pillow-Horseshoe.

Instruction how to teach your baby to sit

Step 1:

Before you teach the first lesson for the kid "seat", make crumbs relaxing massage knobs, legs, back and abdomen. Then put the toddler on a flat surface (better if it is a solid), hold it by its handle and gently pull the baby. The first time a child has to sit just a few seconds.

Step 2:

After a brief first exercise gently grasp the baby's head and put it on the back of the crumbs. Give chubby little boy a little rest and repeat again. The exercises, interspersed with rest, need to be repeated several times.

Step 3:

Spend a day on six to eight lessons on the "seat", gradually increasing their duration. At these sessions baby intensely annoying and shakes his abdominal muscles, which will allow him to sit in the future on their own.

Step 4:

Engage with crumbs swimming. These exercises will strengthen the excellent health will contribute to the development of toddler and his muscles flexible. The water reduces the load on the baby's spine and hips of the child, so your baby can sit down without any harm to his health.

Step 5:

In addition, for the development of the baby toys muscles try to keep a certain distance from it, that pipsqueak them stretched. During this exercise the child straining their muscles, which speeds up the learning process: very soon your toddler will sit alone.

Step 6:

For greater stability of the baby, learning to sit, fashioned from foam rubber shoe and seat inside the toddler. This support will allow the child to keep his balance and train their muscles.