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How to teach your child to do their homework on their own

Every day, students at the school set homework. Modern parents because of their workload often have opportunities every day to control the process of the child self. However, the ride control homework is dangerous, it can quite quickly lead to disastrous results in their studies. How to teach your child to do their homework on their own?

How to teach your child to do their homework on their own

Instruction how to teach a child to do their homework on their own

Step 1:

It is unlikely that the child will decide on their own that the strain and draw endless hooks are much more important than to drive the ball in the street, or enough of a favorite doll. Therefore, start by creating a persistent motivation for learning. It must emerge to the beginning of schooling and emerge in a stable child's desire to learn something new, to expand itself to borders of the known and understood. Along with the growth of motive learning must be very careful to let go of control of the border. For example, give the job to wipe the dust and do not control directly, and, say, the next day - and be sure to praise and to emphasize how much he has grown up and become independent.

Step 2:

The child went to first grade. In no case do not take the time to let things take their course - and so it is very hard to rebuild his whole life, and even master the program, which is currently very difficult. Therefore, the first few months only perform tasks together with an expression of interest in a complete master the material at a constant praise and support. Ideally, joint preparation of homework should take place throughout the first class. Only in the spring, you can allow the child to perform some self-written exercises, but only after the complete analysis of tasks to them. And then - a mandatory inspection.

Step 3:

As your child will gradually be drawn into independent homework process, you need to fully support and encourage this process. Remember that you need to help unless the child himself asks you. And just to know - he really can not cope on their own, and when - just lazy. The parent should not always sit with your child and watch along with it in a notebook, homework - this is the first stage of self-development of personality. Children who have not learned to deal with yourself, grow flabby, lack of initiative and passive.

Step 4:

Since the second half of the second class can already enter a control tasks, but it takes up to high school. And you can not let him go under any circumstances. Since the mid-level simple enough question, "Did you do lessons?" And regular viewing diary. If things went wrong, you need to find out the reason for the lack of desire to self-training and to eliminate the problem.

Step 5:

The child should always get help if he has something does not work with homework. The main thing - do not reduce the motivation to be the best, be the first to succeed. To do this, maintain and constantly praise my child for all his success, regardless of age.