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How to teach your child to drink from a cup

Prolonged use of bottles, pacifiers for the baby can affect the health of his teeth and the stomach, so it is very important time to teach a child to drink from a cup. The process of a child learning to drink from a cup independently, complex and easy at the same time. The child easily learn everything that the parents do (for example), but the difficulty lies in patience and adults sequence.

How to teach your child to drink from a cup

Instruction how to teach a child to drink from a cup

Step 1:

With 6 months of age, the child begins to show an interest in items that are parents. During this period, children are very easily trained elementary physiological actions, not to drink from the bottle and cup, eat from a spoon to eat a meal containing pieces. During this period, a child must be accustomed to adult food.

Step 2:

With the six-month-aged children tend to reach for the cup, which is seen in the hands of parents who drink tea. Give your child to try a sip from a mug carefully. If the child choked and took a sip of good, yet again.

Step 3:

Accustom is necessary to continuously develop a system. First adult holding a cup, and the child only drinks. Gradually, the child himself takes the cup in your hand and drink, and the parents just hedging.

Step 4:

By 9 months of age, the child is able to hold the very tight cup and drink independently. There are special clubs neprolivashki, you can use them, but then the child will not spill over, and he did not develop the skills of care. If a cup of baby spill liquid on himself, he will feel discomfort and faster to learn how to keep it.

Step 5:

When a child is poured into the cup of his favorite drink - juice, fruit compote, jelly, he quickly learned to deal with their own mug. If you have already started to teach a child to a cup, it is advisable to say "goodbye" bottle with a nipple.

Step 6:

To teach your child to drink from a cup, parents need a lot of patience and effort. But the result will surpass your expectations, the child will grow neat and self-contained. You will be proud of your kid.