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How to teach your child to drink from a mug

When a child is drinking through the nipple or sucking the breast, he has a sense of inner security. Often you can see the relative adult kids who walk with a bottle and drink from it or stewed tea. It is not right. It is important to teach the crumbs to drink from a cup as soon as possible. The fact is that for a long drink from the nipples causes problems with the teeth of the baby. Important for you to make the separation process with a bottle became less painful and does not hurt the psyche of the child.

How to teach your child to drink from a mug

Instruction how to teach a child to drink from a mug

Step 1:

Teach the child to drink from a cup can be as early as 7 months. If you are up to six months breastfed baby, it is better to start to drink from a special cup, bypassing the bottle. The smaller the child, the faster it adapts to the proposed innovation.

Step 2:

You'd be surprised, but the child must choose the dishes from which he would drink. The kids are all different and try to choose a mug that would have appealed to him.

Step 3:

Mug-drinking bowl very useful for both mother and for the baby. The child will not choke when drinking, and things will be clean enough. Teach the child to drink from a cup can be as soon as the baby is comfortable with cup-feeding cup.

Step 4:

Pour into a cup vodichku and show your child how to drink. Start with small sips. Bring the cup to his mouth and crumbs slightly tilt the child to make his first solo sip. The desire to see the baby cup has to be satisfied. Let touch it, play. And do not scold the child, if he obolet. You will have enough time for education later.

Step 5:

Little, who has mastered the independent drink, it is necessary to praise and tell him what he have done. Very little pipsqueak did not understand, and 7 months of age the child already understands your praise. Remove the bottle from the baby's eyes. And do not go on concessions, if the baby is cranky and refuse to drink in a new way. Believe me, if your baby is thirsty, he always agrees to drink from a cup.

Step 6:

There are times when a child refuses to drink from a cup, but requires a bottle while rolling such hysterics that no mother would not stand. In this case, you can cheat a little bit. Pour into a bottle of plain water or drink that the baby does not like. The cup is necessary to pour baby's favorite juice and offer him both. As a rule, despite the fact that the child preferred the bottle earlier, in this case, he is likely to choose the cup.