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How to teach your child to keep his head

In the first year of baby's life comes the acquisition of many skills - fixing eyes, holding head, crawl, the ability to sit, stand and walk. They can judge the timeliness of child development, which entirely depends on the parents to ensure the baby proper care, proper nutrition and physical strengthening of the body.

How to teach your child to keep his head

Instruction how to teach the child to keep his head

Step 1:

The ability to keep the baby head appears at the end of the second month. However, it is possible earlier or later acquire this skill. Prolonged his absence (more than 3 months) may indicate a lag in physical development, which depends on a number of factors - inadequate intake or digestion, congenital, hereditary, as well as an illness, improper care and mistakes in education.

Step 2:

For the normal development of a baby from birth is necessary to strengthen his muscles and the skeleton with the help of massage and gymnastics, as well as using water tempering procedures. Even with 2-3 weeks before each feeding a newborn can be placed on your stomach. It is a well developed ability to keep your head, strengthens the abdominal muscles and back. Start with a few minutes and at the first sign of fatigue to turn from stomach to back. Over time (1-2 weeks) to give the baby to lie on the tummy can often, for instance, between feedings.

Step 3:

With 1-1.5 months good to hold and carry the baby in the prone position, with one hand holding the neck and head, and the other stomach. Since that time the baby can be kept in an upright position, from a few minutes, gradually increasing the time. By developing content head exercises include easy lifting of the arms of the baby.

Step 4:

Very good action has previously newborn swimming. Such children develop faster, both physically and emotionally, as the water strengthens not only muscles but also the nervous system. With regular classes since the birth of the child can be taught to keep his head early.

Step 5:

Do not forget that for the physical development of the child is required nutrition, the quality of this period depends on the mother's diet. Therefore lactation should be mandatory delivery full set of vitamins and minerals, or food or in the form of preparations, as well as a sufficient amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.