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How to teach your child to ride a bike

Cycling - one of the most popular entertainment as the kids quite yet tiny, barely learned to walk, and the kids are older. This exercise helps to strengthen the leg muscles, improve the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well as strengthen the immune system. Start teaching your child to ride a bike, you can have a year.

How to teach your child to ride a bike

Instruction how to teach a child to ride a bike

Step 1:

The first child bicycle - tricycle. With it, you need to teach your baby to two completely new to him actions: to steer and pedal.

Step 2:

Small tricycles are best suited for riding in an apartment or small enclosed areas with flat sloping surface.

Step 3:

First teach the child the steering wheel. Explain to him that if he will turn the steering wheel, for example, to the right, the bike will go to the right, and if he will turn the steering wheel to the left, the bike begins to move to the left. Roll the baby in the apartment, letting him steer by selecting the direction of movement of its own.

Step 4:

Only when the baby master the steering, begin to teach him to use the pedals. Show your child how his legs should result in the movement of the pedal, while holding the young cyclist's hips.

Step 5:

Learn to ride a tricycle baby bike safely transplanted to the two-wheeled. Now, your main task - to teach the kid to keep his balance.

Step 6:

Select an area for skiing gentle slope of no more than 5 m. Seat the child on a bicycle, firmly grasp his shoulders and seat two-wheeled vehicle. In no case do not hold the handlebars, otherwise the baby will not be able to learn how to balance yourself.

Step 7:

Let the kid will start to build on his feet land as though riding a scooter. Approaching thus the descent, albeit quickly put his feet on the pedals, while making a couple of turns.

Step 8:

If the bike continues to go smoothly, not wagging, tell your child that he did not stop, but continued to move forward, twisting with the pedal. If the baby is "lost his balance" and the bike began to wobble from side to side, again advised the rider to go in the "scooter mode".

Step 9:

With each descending number of revolutions legs will grow. As a result, the child will remove his feet from the pedals until the end of the descent, and eventually did learn to pass on, to turn in the right direction and to slow down when necessary.