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How to teach your child to say "R"

All parents are confronted at some point with formation of speech problems in children, in particular, with the letters of pronunciation difficulty. Basically, these difficulties are a natural phenomenon, which extends itself. But sometimes there are situations when a child needs help.

How to teach your child to say

Instruction how to teach the child to say "R"

Step 1:

The difficulties in the pronunciation of the letter "p" - the most common among the problems encountered in children in the speech. If the child has not learned to pronounce the letter up to 5 years, it is not a cause for concern, since only 6 years children should fully master the alphabet. If you notice a significant deviation from the normal formation of language, which must be in this particular age, you must always consult a speech therapist. The doctor will be able to identify the reasons for such deviations and to define the basic principles of treatment.

Step 2:

In order to not occur in the future, problems with speech, to teach a child to pronounce the letter 'p', it is possible to have three years (and for some children in the past, depending on their level of development), start the exercises. We must remember that coerce and force to do the exercises in any case impossible. Education should take place in the form of games, you should be able to interest the child so that he passionately doing what you tell him.

Step 3:

To strengthen the muscles is very useful to the next exercise. Teach your child to make sounds like clicks her horse, let him repeat after you, tsokaya tongue. Then, let the kid will press the tongue to the sky and not taking, starts lower and raise the lower jaw.

Step 4:

Another exercise in the form of games, which helps to strengthen the muscles: who is stronger can stick his tongue. Children usually appears passion, and they are happy to compete with their parents.

Step 5:

Fun exercise with the pronunciation of the letter: ask your child to show how angry tiger. Let the child try to growl. When a child learns to separate well pronounce the letter "r", you can begin to train in words.

Step 6:

Teach the child to pronounce the letter "r" in the composition of the words that he knows well, and often uses. Pick a word, in which "p" is combined with hard consonants, such as the letters "t" and "d". Then say the words in which the letter is in the open syllable. When a child learns to say familiar words, you can gradually begin to teach him a new one. You can also teach funny patter.