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How to teach your child to share

The division - is not a simple mathematical operation to the child, but because the material must be submitted in a special way. It is important not only to properly explain the nature of the action itself, but also to create a positive learning environment.

How to teach your child to share

You will need:

-apples; -candies.

Instruction how to teach a child to share

Step 1:

First of all, keep in mind that at that age, which is usually held on the division of the school program, the child is still in the so-called "formally-operating" stage of development. So, he can not understand abstract concepts, so a real example should stand behind every explanation that can interest the child.

Step 2:

Before the start of the study division, make sure that the child knows the multiplication table and understand the mechanism by which this mathematical operation is carried out.

Step 3:

Give your child, for example, four candy and ask them to divide them equally between them and you. Then ask how many sweets and how many people. Explain that the candy divided between people, and then only show the mathematical notation of action.

Step 4:

Make sure that the child understood the essence of the process, changing the number of objects and people, between which it is necessary to distribute the items.

Step 5:

Show your child the connection between multiplication and division. Let him feel intuitively that this is the opposite effect. For example, showing a real example, three times two - is six, and six divided into two - three and so on.

Step 6:

Keep coming back to these operations, for example, play in the division away from home. Let the child tasks that reflect the reality. So, take, for example, six of them and ask, how many apples will get every member of your family when buying apples. Taking a walk on the street, invites him to share sweets between all the children in the yard.

Step 7:

If the child does not immediately understand what is required of him - be patient and look for a way to explain better. But do not force it, because you can cause negative psychological reaction, due to which the child will be difficult to perceive the information. In this case, the learning process will take much more time.