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How to teach your child understand time

At first glance, teach baby to deal with time - it is difficult. But the child grows up, and he just needs to know what time, and what it is measured. Because of great importance for the development of the child has a plan of his time. The kid must learn to navigate it and to be able to dispose of. In his understanding, time passes very differently. Teach the child to understand the time you need to gradually, and we must begin from afar.

How to teach your child understand time

Instruction how to teach a child to understand the time

Step 1:

It is necessary to familiarize the child with the concept of time. For example, with the fact that by day is night and night after morning start. First, the child must learn the sequence of events. Every day, consistently repeating chain of events, the baby already understands why and what should be done? It is important to always tell him: "Good morning" . "Good night"Since it is the easiest option for the understanding of the time of day. It is necessary to pay special attention to each sequence, which clearly shows that it was before and after. The sequence can be developed in a child with the help of fairy tales. You can read the story, and then ask your child questions (What happened?).

Step 2:

It is necessary to begin to familiarize your child with such concepts as: the past, present and future. This should be done through interviews, based on the examples of the life of the baby. We must explain that what the child is doing right now - this moment, what would happen later - the future (tomorrow, next week). The emphasis put on significant events, as they are better remembered children (for example: birthday, Christmas, etc.).

Step 3:

Show your child that you can do in a minute, an hour, or even a second (for example, you can clap your hands). For this game can be arranged, during which a timer to determine how many child perform some action.

Step 4:

The next step is the child's familiarity with the seasons. It is necessary not only to explain to him that in the year has four seasons and twelve months, but also in detail to explain to him all the changes taking place in different periods of the year. All this should show the child in the various examples, such as the onset of winter is characterized by the appearance of snow fall - falling leaves ... Tell us what people are dressed, etc. From the time of the year you can familiarize with the help of colorful books and fairy tales (eg the tale Marshak "Twelve months").

Step 5:

The last stage is the child's familiarity with the mysterious clock. Of course, before that it is necessary to familiarize with the figures, besides the baby should be able to count. Teach time is needed on the bright hours. It is necessary to associate the time with activities that the child is doing on a daily basis. First, you need to toddler has mastered the hour hand, and then you can proceed to the minute hand.