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How to teach your preschooler draw

Every day, the child discovers something new. He enthusiastically shares his discoveries with you, trying to figure it out in the game or draw on paper. Figure toddler reflects his emotional state, family relationships, self-determination in this world. Drawing has a big impact on the comprehensive development of the child's personality.

How to teach your preschooler draw

You will need:

- Finger paint; - pencils; - Pens; - Paper; - watercolor paints; - Crayons; - Coloring.

Instruction how to teach a preschooler to draw

Step 1:

Suggest crumbs finger paints to paint at the age of 10-12 months. Finger paints have a pleasant texture, bright colors. Draw them need to use your fingers. Put the baby in the highchair at the table top secure a large sheet of paper with adhesive tape. Open the first one color and show your child that you can draw a line, a circle. Let pipsqueak trying to draw all that is conceived. You can put the baby in the bath for anti-slip mat. Let him be happy razrisuy bath and wall. The paint will wash off easily with water.

Step 2:

After a year have a child crayons. Show him that you can draw markers. Try from the start to teach a child how to hold a pencil or felt-tip pens with three fingers instead of clamping them in cam.

Step 3:

Try not to ask the kid to draw something specific, even if he draws that in mind. This should be a manifestation of his own imagination. The child should not be afraid of that at his drawing will laugh.

Step 4:

Do not criticize your child's work. From the constant criticism of the child can throw this thing. Try not to correct his personal figure. If you want to explain how drawn an object, or the kid himself asks you to help him, then draw a card on a separate sheet. He then redraw your example to your leaf.

Step 5:

If the baby is not interested in drawing, try to entice him play. Tell us what you are now going to draw a road for cars, paint near the forest, the bridge houses. For this purpose, suitable large sheets of paper or unwanted rolls of wallpaper. Spread them on the floor and paint.

Step 6:

When a child learns to draw with a pencil, introduce it with paint. For this watercolor paints work best. It is useful to give the baby to work with coloring. He will train in a neat and spray painted parts in the correct selection of colors. On the street in the warmer months the child can draw with crayons on the pavement.