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How to teach yourself to sleep grudnichka

Every evening toddler's parents face the same problem: the crumb is difficult to put down. What they just do not do: and sing lullabies and fairy tales read, and lull ... And all grudnichok sleeps.

How to teach yourself to sleep grudnichka

You will need:

- toys; - Bath; - Bed; - Books.

Instruction how to teach yourself to sleep grudnichka

Step 1:

By 3-6 months Develop the baby a clear day regimen. Waking up, diapering, and going to bed - everything must conform to this schedule. Over time, the crumbs will develop the habit of falling asleep at the same time, so it will be easier to teach him to fall asleep on their own.

Step 2:

For a couple of hours before bedtime switch crumbs to calm the game. Try to protect the baby from anything that could excite his bedtime. It is better if the toy, which plays a toddler at bedtime will be familiar to him: new experiences for the whole day and so abound.

Step 3:

His actions could encourage the child to develop a correct attitude toward the crib: do not feed it to your baby and do not play with him there. The cot must be associated in infants with sleep.

Step 4:

Even if you're rocking a baby, to shift it into the cot will not be asleep, and fell asleep. Put the crumbs and go away with his sight, let him sleep in bed one. Over time, falling asleep becomes independent for baby norm.

Step 5:

If after you have laid the crumbs in the bed, he starts crying, try to calm him down without taking his hands: pat it, sing a lullaby, kiss ... If, however, the baby continues to cry, take your hands. But as soon as he calmed down, put it back.

Step 6:

In the first months of life, babies sleep better if they are top of the head rests on the folded diaper, or a roller covered with a blanket back a cot. If the baby's head next to put her mother's (worn) clothes, the baby will feel the presence of my mother's smell. This calming effect on the crumb and reminds him of the feeling in the womb. Create a child-friendly sleeping conditions.

Step 7:

Develop a "ritual of falling asleep" and try to stick to it every day. For babies we recommend the following sequence: a warm soothing bath - relaxing massage - diaper change - the last feeding before bed - a lullaby or a short tale. Repeat these steps every day and in a week or two toddler used to the ritual: he himself will adjust to sleep and fall asleep faster.