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How to throw a party for children

Already gone are the days when children's party was to vossedanii staid at the table and eating children offered treats. Modern advanced kids want to be surprised and entertained, and for this it is necessary to arrange a fun children's party.

How to throw a party for children

Instruction how to throw a party for children

Step 1:

Create colorful original invitation to the children's party. This can be done using templates, which have large numbers on the Internet. Talk with your child, what kind of images and text must be on the invitation, print it all on a color printer and send guests. Colorful invitation itself will set children on a festive mood and give a cheerful mood, the appropriate party for children.

Step 2:

Pick a suitable children's music. It will also take into account the tastes of hero for the day, he can tell exactly which songs like his friends. Music tracks and videos, you can also download on the Internet.

Step 3:

Make a nice big cake or bake it yourself, if you know how. Do not use cake decorating banal fruits and roses - children deem boring. It is better to decorate a cake with edible figurines and funny inscriptions

Step 4:

Make a reservation and as sweet treats gave the children a surprise - a chocolate fountain. They come in a classic dark color, and white, pink, yellow and others. Macau slices of fruit in the current cascading liquid chocolate - a special treat for any child. Even more fun - grab the goodies to eat.

Step 5:

Invite the children to decorate cookies as entertainment. To do this, you need to stock up on large flat biscuits, to them it was convenient to draw. Arrange on a table with bowls of finished glaze (it is also possible to buy a ready-made), small candied fruit and sugar balls. Give children free rein, let show their imagination, painting the cookies on your taste. The result works then it will be possible to eat or take home and show off their parents.

Step 6:

Arrange the quest called "The Hunt for pirate treasure." Thus it is possible to dress children in pirate hats and bandanas, draw a mustache. In advance, draw a treasure map, create simple puzzles and tasks, as a result of their search for children must find the treasure chest - different small sweets and souvenirs, which can be divided equally among all participants in the game.

Step 7:

Organize the children play "Name That Tune". To this end, all the participants break into teams and ask them to guess the popular children's song. For the contest will need to prepare extracts from children's tunes lasting about 5 seconds. Be sure to prepare the prizes, including for the losing team.

Step 8:

Remember the old game of "Phantom". In children with imagination always full order, so to play the game they seem fun and interesting.