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How to train the memory of the child

In recent years dramatically increased the amount of information that your child needs to absorb in school and at home. In order to remember the required amount of material you need to make great efforts. But it is possible to make life easier for the little guy, if from an early age to train memory permanently.

How to train the memory of the child

Instruction how to train the memory of the child

Step 1:

Lay on the table a few toys and ask your child to look closely at them. Then, ask them to play. Let your child turn away and try to tell you how many toys, what color they are, form.

Step 2:

Read your child a book, and then ask what he remembered. After 1.5 - 2 hours, return to this topic. And be sure to talk about read before bedtime. This exercise will help your child develop a long-term memory.

Step 3:

Remember, training of memory does not require any special devices. Can be practiced on the way to kindergarten: tell the child about the trees that are found in your path, repeat their name. Do the math and ask the kid to remember how many steps on the porch of your home, and how many of them on the stairs in a kindergarten. The main build these exercises in the form of an exciting game.

Step 4:

Of great importance in the development of memory has a good blood supply to the brain. To improve it, make a note of the child in the sports section. You do not have to focus on the education of the champion. Much more important is it to maintain physical activity.

Step 5:

Take seriously the development of fine motor skills of the child. Exercises for fingers remarkably stimulate brain function and, as a consequence, have a positive effect on the development of memory.

Step 6:

Try to instill in the child an interest in public speaking. Suffice it to learn and tell the little poem to the entire family. When the child gets older, encourage him to participate in a small setting in honor of my grandmother's birthday. Constant repetition of the role of poetry and the child will not seem intrusive and will have a positive effect on his memory.

Step 7:

Engage with your child every day, and you do not have to blush at parents' meetings at school. Your child will be attentive, active, and it does not take much to accommodate the vast amount of information.