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How to treat a child's nails

Nails affected by fungus, which in medical practice is called onychomycosis, a disease quite common, and in all countries of the world. Nails are affected by various fungal parasites, and this can happen under certain conditions, to anyone. Especially frustrating when the fungus "picks up" the child.

How to treat a child's nails

Instruction how to treat a child's nails

Step 1:

If you notice your child has any changes in the nails - spots, stripes, bulges, cracks - try not to delay access to a doctor, mycologist and pediatrician. After all, it is not so trifling as it may seem. If this fungus, we can run it, and then treated for many months, and if the child is simply not enough of some vitamins, you will know exactly what you need to give it vitamins, and not to grease than the horrible nails.

Step 2:

To cure the fungus, you have to act in three directions. Firstly, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that may contribute to the emergence of the fungus. So, if the fungus was in slippers, it is better to throw them away, the other shoe to disinfect, clean and do a thorough cleaning of the apartment. The second direction - is the use of ointments that will stop the inflammation around the nail; the third - the relevant local antifungals (ie directly on the nail) and system (ingestion) action. Creams, ointments and sprays that treat fungal infections of the nails, very much. But, again, do not try to buy everything before you determine the form of the fungus and its sensitivity to different drugs.

Step 3:

If you do decide to turn to traditional medicines, you can try these recipes: Grate (or crush) the garlic and mix it with butter (1: 1), and then lubricate the mixture nogot.Rastvorite teaspoon of sea salt in a liter water and immerse the child's nails in this solution in the evening for 15 minutes about 10 dney.Soberite resin apricot and pour a glass of vodka; place it in a dark place for three days. The affected nails should be well lubricated mixture every night for a month. Trim nails as regrowth. Instead apricot resin can be used old unrefined sunflower maslo.Vozmite small piece of tea fungus, apply it at night to the sick nail, the finger bandage. In the morning the softened, cut the piece of nail. Do this until all izlecheniya.Nogtevoy fungus also offer a solution to treat the usual coffee: pour into bowl 50 grams of coffee and pour the hot water back. Dip to fingers or toes. Healers promise disappearance of the fungus after three treatments.