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How to treat allergies in infants

Allergy in infants has its own characteristics. At this age, as a rule, allergic reactions occur in response to consumption of any food. This pathology manifests itself in infants most often in the form of allergic dermatitis. Her treatment is carried out taking into account the receipt of the termination of the principles of the allergen into the body of the child, the acceleration of its excretion and elimination of the manifestations of this reaction.

How to treat allergies in infants

Instruction how to treat allergy in infants

Step 1:

Allergic dermatitis manifests primarily on the face, with the worsening of the disease spreading to the whole body. Find out on what product there is this reaction. Infants breast milk or a prepared infant formula as a main power supply. If the child is breastfed, review your diet. Use the principles of a hypoallergenic diet for your food. Eliminate all the colored fruits and vegetables, preservatives, meats, spices, coffee and chocolate.

Step 2:

If your baby is bottle-fed, change the formula. There are a number of mixtures for children who are prone to allergic reactions. With the introduction of complementary foods, follow the recommendations of pediatricians. Use only those fruits and vegetables that grow in the area of ​​residence, colored (red and yellow apples, citrus fruits) are excluded. With the introduction of meat products as foods, use hypoallergenic varieties - meat turkey and rabbit. Dairy products - cheese and yogurt, do not buy in the shops, and get on a dairy kitchen.

Step 3:

After eliminating allergens enter the body of the child need to accelerate their removal. Use sorbents that bind and neutralize foreign agents. Give your child the activated carbon, "Filtrum" or "Enterosgel" in dosages indicated on the package of drugs.

Step 4:

To accelerate the removal of allergens and eliminate itching in allergic dermatitis let the baby antihistamines better second or third generation - "Tsetrin" "Claritin" "Zirtek" and "Ksizal" in appropriate dosages. The preparation is applied once a day, the duration of treatment is not less than 7 days.

Step 5:

Local areas of the child's altered skin treat with antiseptic solutions, it will help to prevent the accession of infection. Use a solution of brilliant green, fukortsinom and others. To reduce itching and skin moisturized daily use warm baths with a decoction of herbs nettle, burdock root, tyasyachelistnika. Do not use a series, chamomile and celandine, broths of these plants dries the skin. After the bath, apply the cream, especially in the area of ​​skin folds.