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How to treat children's allergies

Allergy - one of the most common diseases in infants. In babies it is manifested atopic dermatitis - specific skin rash, itching, and dryness. The main reasons for the development of allergies in children - a genetic predisposition, as well as early and intensive contact with the allergen.

How to treat children's allergies

Instruction how to treat children's allergies

Step 1:

Important in the treatment of dermatitis - a hypoallergenic diet. The most common allergens, causing the development of the disease - a cow milk proteins and soy. Exclude them from the diet of the baby, picked up a full replacement. For example, goat's milk and products based on it. They help to solve the problem of feeding the baby, give a good preventive and therapeutic effect. Introducing solid foods in the food crumbs, monitor tolerability of each new product. So you will be able to identify allergens and try to avoid them.

Step 2:

Medication allergies include antihistamines for children, also has antipruritic effect. Remember that they need to give the baby on doctor's advice. He will appoint and physiotherapy treatments, ointments, creams or topical solutions, designed for dry, allergenic baby skin. Apply them to have two to four times a day. If a child has only a slight redness, you can use tools, which include allantoin, dekspantennol, has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory effect.

Step 3:

When bathing the baby in the bath, add a few drops of oil or hypoallergenic milk for children. It moisturizes and softens dry skin. Do not use soap and water and potassium permanganate, as they have more of her dried. In allergic rashes effective milk-oil bath, the bath with the starch, bran.

Step 4:

Try to maintain a specific microclimate in the house. in the children's room temperature should be 20-22 degrees, humidity of at least 40-50%. Get a humidifier at least three times a day, ventilate the room a child, every day do wet cleaning. When washing children's clothes, use baby soap and wash them separately from adults. If possible, get rid of the dust storage in the apartment - carpets, heavy curtains, curtains and soft toys. Do not forget that provocateurs allergies can be pets.

Step 5:

Do not expect that allergy will pass by itself - refer to specialists. Because atopic dermatitis disease may progress to a more severe form - respiratory allergy (rhinitis), and then to asthma. If necessary, your doctor may recommend allergen specific immunotherapy (ASIT). This method is similar to vaccination: the body micro dose of allergen is injected to develop the child's resistance to its action. The treatment is rather long (3 to 5 years), and appoint its children are not under the age of five.