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How to treat colic in infants

Your baby cries a lot, thus compressing the legs to the tummy? Perhaps he colic - a fairly common problem of small children. What treatments are most effective and safe for the baby?

How to treat colic in infants

Instruction how to treat colic in infants

Step 1:

Take the child in his arms at the first sign of his concern, walk with him around the room, talking softly to him, humming a song. Hearing your voice sochustvenno affectionate, baby feels your affection and love and a little rest.

Step 2:

Apply baby tummy to your body - it will help create extra warmth for the baby, which helps to relieve muscle spasms.

Step 3:

Take a clean, dry diaper, well progladte it. When it becomes warm, attach the diaper to the baby's tummy.

Step 4:

Use tea of ​​fennel or dill water. Take one teaspoon of fennel seeds, pour them a glass of boiling water. Insist 1 hour, then strain the infusion, remove the seeds. Let the infusion baby one teaspoon three - four times a day.

Step 5:

Try council after a pediatrician, to use modern medical preparation "Plantex" to treat colic in infants. It comprises the essential oils from the fruit pomace and fennel, as well as glucose and lactose. The extract of fennel helps to cope with the pain and cramps, resulting in a rate of discharge of gases and helps to improve intestinal motility. The drug "Plantex" created plant-based, so its use is permitted for children with two weeks of life.

Step 6:

Eliminate dysbiosis as a possible diagnosis of your child. If the causes of colic and improper digestion is exactly it, you need to apply more serious preparations for restoration of microflora of the baby bowel (after consultation with your doctor).

Step 7:

Choose the right position when feeding your baby. In some cases it will be sufficient to move a little about your child's chest or change the angle of inclination of the bottle. Watch to ensure that it is properly captured the nipple areola. If your baby is eating from a bottle, control to the nipple was filled with food, rather than air, and was not too big a hole for feeding.

Step 8:

Use drugs only after consulting a doctor - a pediatrician. He will appoint certain drugs, by taking into account your child's individual characteristics of the organism.

Step 9:

Use the special gas outlet tube. Such devices are sold in pharmacies, but to use them to be very careful, since the inept handling can injure the esophagus baby. Contact your pediatrician for help in installing vapor tube baby.