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How to treat constipation newborn

Constipation - common in children from birth and up to a year. Typically, such a diagnosis is made, if the baby chair delay is more than two days, and during stool, he feels discomfort manifested groaning, screaming, and vain attempts. Treatment of the disease should be carried out comprehensively controlled by a pediatrician.

How to treat constipation newborn

Instruction how to treat constipation newborn

Step 1:

First, you need to figure out what caused constipation. Perhaps the child had some infectious disease or a mother with a baby translated breastfeeding to artificial. In this case, the newborn may not have enough fiber in the diet. In this case, my mother would have to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which contribute to the development in the breast milk of necessary substances.

Step 2:

If the power is mixed or artificial, baby is better to give a little some water, will determine the amount of a pediatrician. He will show what kind of water to give the child. Furthermore, you can begin given once per day dairy mixture. They contribute to the good work of the digestive tract and are a good prevention of constipation.

Step 3:

Sometimes it is necessary to use special laxatives that are prescribed in a specific dosage, e.g., "Duphalac". "Prelaks". "Laktusan".

Step 4:

Good help in the treatment of constipation massage. Talk to your doctor, they may recommend you to the right specialist in this field. You can carry out the procedure themselves. To do this, place your baby on his tummy in a circular motion and massage the area of ​​the coccyx and buttocks, and then turn back and perform a circular motion in a clockwise direction in the abdominal area.

Step 5:

Try to keep the baby move a lot during the day. Lift him up, bend and unbend legs, to perform various arm movements, walk around the room and examine items. Purchase a rubber ball and have to be on top of the baby belly.

Step 6:

Note birth weight, it has an average gain of 600 grams per month. Shortage of body weight indicates malnutrition.

Step 7:

Examine the baby for cracks or damage in the anus. Use the special emollient creams and oils. In no case do not put your child into the anus of foreign objects, sticks, pencils, etc. Talk to your doctor about the use of enemas. You tell us how to correctly perform the procedure, so as not to harm the newborn. Usually, a newborn room temperature water is taken in an amount of 30 milliliters. For this volume enema enough. Do not get involved in this way induce defecation, as well as the gas outlet tube.

Step 8:

When constipation often occurs in the abdomen seal due to the large accumulation of gases. In this case, let the baby dill vodichku, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own, or fennel tea.

Step 9:

There are special cases, such as obstruction of the colon or small intestine. In this case shown surgery.

Step 10:

After each meal, try to spread the baby on his tummy, so he went out the air from the stomach, got there at feeding time.