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How to treat cough in children

Due to weak immune young children are more susceptible to colds, one symptom of which is a cough. But sometimes it is delayed for a long time and causing seizures, prevents sleep and rest your baby. Moreover its duration can lead to complications with the bronchi and lungs, so cough in children should be treated in a timely manner and to its complete cessation.

How to treat cough in children

You will need:

- mustard; - cough syrup; - Candy of roasted sugar; - Fortified warm drinks; - Potatoes or cabbage leaf with honey to compress.

Instruction how to treat cough in children

Step 1:

Since cough is a manifestation of respiratory diseases, start treatment with the underlying cause. To do this, follow the doctor's prescription (if any). Independently carry out the baby thermal procedures and do them regularly for 2 weeks because cough is able to persist long after recovery.

Step 2:

For the treatment of cough, especially in young children, use more heat treatments than drugs. The heat especially need the baby's legs and chest. Therefore, the kid must constantly be warm woolen socks and a jacket or waistcoat, with both day and night (even if the room is warm).

Step 3:

Do not use often antitussives, since cough is just a defensive reaction. And he brings up phlegm from the lungs and bronchial mucus and bacteria. With strong coughing give the baby candy of burnt sugar or syrup of licorice.

Step 4:

If the baby is not temperature, during sleep (when the baby is less likely to move) to attach the calf muscles and the top of the rib cage mustard (packaged in paper), and not soaked in water. So long as they are warm and do not deliver the baby discomfort. It is also good to put them in the evening before bedtime.

Step 5:

Alternate mustard with hot compress - potatoes or cabbage. To compress a cook in uniform potato (boiled up to the state). The hot mash quickly. Add the iodine and three drops of a spoon of any vegetable oil. Wrap everything in the foil in the form of a flat rectangle. On the other side, which will be applied to the breast, pierce a few holes in the foil. Next (depending on the temperature of the compress) lay one or two layers of the diaper between the baby's chest and foil. Secure crosswise conventional diaper and cover with a blanket baby.

Step 6:

It is equally effective in the treatment of cough with phlegm is a compress of cabbage leaf, smear honey. It has a warming effect and vitaminizing because honey contains almost all vitamins and mineral composition. But then compress watch the baby skin, as to any product of beekeeping can be an individual response. When such immediately give up the procedure.

Step 7:

To liquefy the sputum discharge and let the baby warm milk with honey or without warm fruit drinks and fruit drinks, which can add a little broth rosehip (rosehip drink, let's drink only from the tube to prevent the destruction of the enamel). If the child is over 3 years old can be given tea with lemon. Any warm drink with vitamins to provide sputum thinning effect and contributes to its discharge of that causes the cough reflex. Include in the diet of the baby warm enough mashed potatoes with lots of milk. This dish is very good in the treatment of cough.