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How to treat diathesis in the newborn

Diathesis suffer, as a rule, little children. The disease is an allergic sensitivity, which causes this or that food and other stimuli. Because the diathesis contributes to the development of seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases, treatment should begin as soon as possible.

How to treat diathesis in the newborn

You will need:

- vitamins; - Antihistamines; - Wheat bran; - Moisturizers; - Chamomile, celandine, succession, oak bark; - Peach.

Instruction how to treat diathesis in the newborn

Step 1:

Allergens typically have the nature of the food. So before you begin to treat diathesis baby, form a balanced diet. At the same time the main source of trace elements still must be the mother's milk. Its proteins do not cause allergic reactions and is easily broken down in the body of the baby. Since the digestive tract of the newborn is unable to cope with many products, it is important.

Step 2:

Diathesis in children may increase as a result of excessive consumption of carbohydrates. So replace sugar fructose.

Step 3:

Show the newborn with symptoms diathesis doctor. He will appoint treatment and will continue to monitor his condition. Treatment of severe food allergies typically conducted medical drugs. It is also prescribed vitamin therapy. During exacerbation use antihistamines.

Step 4:

Availability diathesis in the newborn requires a properly sized care for affected areas of the skin. If the skin is dry, bathe the child in wheat bran, use children's cosmetics, which consists of moisturizing ingredients. This can be a special cream or milk for babies.

Step 5:

Inflamed skin use cream with a high content of zinc oxide. You can also use a decoction of chamomile flowers, series, celandine, oak bark. They possess anti-inflammatory and healing properties. However, no matter how universal were not these tools, they can cause new manifestations of allergy. Therefore, constantly watch the baby's skin condition.

Step 6:

Take the apricot kernel extract from bone and grind to a powder. Next, add corn oil at a ratio of 1: 1 and put in a warm place. Three days later, the oil press. Lubricate them baby's skin. Soon the rash fade and eventually disappear.