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How to treat goiter in a child up to a year

At the time of birth the intestine is sterile, settling microflora occurs gradually during the first week of life. In the future, intestinal dysbiosis may occur when changing the qualitative and quantitative composition of intestinal microflora. Treatment of dysbiosis a child under one year consists of several stages.

How to treat goiter in a child up to a year

Instruction how to treat goiter in a child up to a year

Step 1:

Begin treatment of dysbiosis to identify and then eliminate the causes of the disease. In children who are bottle-fed, there is the high content of lactic acid bacteria, clostridia and Bacteroides in the intestinal microflora. This feature mastering artificial mixtures body baby. Despite more than a sufficient content of lactobacilli, bacteroides increasing amounts causes increased gas generation and Clostridium produce toxins. Together this leads to symptoms of dysbiosis. If the child has grown up and started to get the lure, the cause of dysbiosis may be antibiotics.

Step 2:

Spend completion of missing the bacteria of the intestinal flora by administering specific drugs. If fecal analysis showed a deficit of bifidobacteria - let the baby bifido drugs. If the intestinal flora of lactic acid bacteria is not enough - let the baby products that contain them.

Step 3:

Dysbacteriosis leads to malabsorption of nutrients in the intestine and can cause serious digestive disorders. In this case, let the baby enzyme preparations. Remember that you can not take a long enzymes, this may lead to a decrease in pancreatic function. Duration of treatment is to control the enzymes physician.

Step 4:

To eliminate toxins, which are produced in the process of life "unnecessary" intestinal flora, use sorbents. Note that they have a high adsorptive activity and their use is effective only for 5 days.

Step 5:

To eliminate pathogens use in complex treatment of bacteriophages. This is a live agents that are capable of destroying the cells of disease-causing organisms. Bacteriophages have a certain specificity for different types of pathogenic bacteria, the drug is selected taking into account changes in the composition of the intestinal flora of the child.