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How to treat goiter in the newborn

Dysbacteriosis seen in infants frequent regurgitation, vomiting, and abdominal distention. Baby cries a lot, bad eating, lose weight, long and often sick. In newborns there are stools with green, mucus, undigested lumps of food or frequent constipation. A more severe form - decompensated dysbiosis may contribute to the development of a range of acute inflammatory or allergic processes associated with the effect on the entire body crumbs of pathogenic intestinal bacteria.

How to treat goiter in the newborn

You will need:

- the doctor's consultation; - Probiotics.

Instruction how to treat goiter in the newborn

Step 1:

Do not self-medicate newborn. Precise recommendations for the treatment of dysbiosis your baby only a doctor would. In the treatment of dysbiosis is a necessary element of the reception of probiotics - drugs containing live bifidobacteria. Microcolonies bifidobacteria, passing through the digestive tract, are deposited on the mucous membrane of the intestine, where they begin to multiply rapidly, restoring the normal flora and conquering Lebensraum from pathogens. Assist to the process and substance antibiotikopodobnym effect produced by the bifidobacteria. Note that this must be it drugs, not dietary supplements (dietary supplements) quality probiotics, subjected to strict state control, provides adequate efficacy and safety. When it comes to the treatment of infants, it is especially important.

Step 2:

Feed your newborn feeding. In the prevention of dysbiosis breastfeeding plays an important role. Mother's milk contributes to the formation of the normal flora of the intestine of the newborn. Antibodies contained therein, to protect the baby from many diseases. If dysbiosis the baby already has, the more careful to maintain breastfeeding. Prolonged diarrhea transfer to artificial feeding crumbs will only increase inflammation and aggravate the situation. Under the supervision of a doctor, let the kid bifido drugs: in combination with breast milk it produces a very good therapeutic effect.

Step 3:

After infectious diseases likely to develop dysbiosis increases several times of the beneficial microflora perishes in the fight against pathogenic bacteria. However, the main treatment of infection baby also need probiotics. Their application will allow crumbs to recover faster and prevent the development of dysbiosis. Be sure to remind your doctor about this aspect of treatment, especially when the baby is assigned a course of antibiotics: when they receive useful microflora his intestines will also be destroyed. If crumb is included in the risk group of dysbiosis, discuss with your doctor all the necessary preventive measures in advance.