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How to treat hemangioma in a child

Hemangiomas are benign growths that occur due to violations of vascular development in the embryonic period. Most of them occur in the first year of life. There are also congenital hemangioma. Tumors may disappear spontaneously, but can progress, which requires compulsory medical intervention.

How to treat hemangioma in a child

Instruction how to treat a child's hemangioma

Step 1:

Methods for treating the disease are extremely diverse. They depend on the size, shape, location of tumor, rate of growth, as well as physical condition and age of the child. One method - sclerotherapy. Usually, it is carried out with small tumors and represents the impact on the walls of various drugs hemangiomas: trichloroacetic acid with 2% lidocaine in the proportion of 5: 1, alcohol, prednisolone or calcium chloride. After the procedure, scars are formed on the skin. The tumor eventually disappears.

Step 2:

Often, for the treatment of hemangiomas on the face and the fastest growing entities used hormone therapy. Preparations are selected physician individually for each child.

Step 3:

To eliminate cavernous tumors often use a 70% alcohol solution. It can be introduced in two ways. In the first case, hemangioma isolated from surrounding tissue by means of clamping Jaroshenko syringe and blood is aspirated from it. The affected area poured the same amount of alcohol. It was then aspirated from the cavity, and a pressure bandage applied portion.

Step 4:

The second method involves a washing tumor. First, it is isolated glossotilt, Yaroshenko clip or sewn on silk Krogius. Thereafter, in the center of the perforations made 10-15 and alcohol is introduced into it. The latter, together with the blood flows out through the pinholes. Then it is treated with isotonic sodium chloride solution and tightly perebintovyvayut.

Step 5:

Radical way complete or partial removal of hemangiomas considered surgery. It can terminate sclerotherapy, but most often is an independent method. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, in the shortest possible time and only an experienced surgeon.

Step 6:

In young children with major fast-growing tumors if you can not conduct operations currently used X-ray method. Usually true selected exposure mode (dosage and number of sessions) significantly inhibited tumor growth, and its dimensions are stabilized. After 6-8 months, it can be removed surgically.

Step 7:

For treating capillary hemangiomas, especially so-called "wine stains" used method of selective photothermolysis. It is their laser evaporation. This procedure is non-invasive and painless, but requires expensive equipment and with multi-treatment.

Step 8:

Often used to remove hemangiomas methods microwave hyperthermia and microwave cryogenic therapy. During such events in the area of ​​vascular neoplasms affecting microwave electromagnetic fields in different modes. In the first case, the tumor is warming them up 43-45oS temperature in the second - after the irradiation is performed cryosurgery.