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How to treat herpes during pregnancy

Every woman, being "interesting" position, shudders with horror at the mere word "medicine". Because we all know that in pregnancy should be treated with caution to all, it contains the chemical elements, sometimes even some vitamins. And from the scourge of the herpes virus, and at all difficult to get rid of, even a person who does not have any particular medical contraindications.

How to treat herpes during pregnancy

You will need:

- antiherpethetical ointment; - fir oil; - Chamomile cream; - Ointment of marigold flowers.

Instruction how to treat herpes during pregnancy

Step 1:

Herpes - cold-like lesions on the lips and nose. Caused by a virus, it is in an inactive form in the body of the majority, sometimes perfectly healthy people who may never show themselves and not. But if suddenly for him there are some favorable conditions in the form of weakened immunity (at the same pregnancy), the guard! It is therefore necessary even before the child's planning to pass a set of special tests, especially if you have had previous symptoms of this disease, to treat it in advance. But it often happens that the moment is missed, and the disease has manifested itself in a period of gestation. How to treat herpes during pregnancy?

Step 2:

The safest are special ointments and creams against herpes, which are usually available over the counter without a prescription. Your doctor may prescribe you immunoglobulins or immunostimulants vegetable and vitamin or dietary supplements. With an expert in this case to consult not only possible but also necessary, as well as periodically undergo ultrasound and blood tests. Especially if you get sick in the first trimester of pregnancy, because it is the most important in the formation of the body of the future baby. And if the virus manifestation happened the first time, because it speaks to the weakening of the body's defenses.

Step 3:

Use antiherpethetical ointments (creams) type of acyclovir, oxolinic, alpizarinovoy, tromontadinovoy or interferon solution. The main thing - often, for greater efficacy. Feel free to use homeopathy - fir oil, chamomile cream or ointment of marigold flowers.

Step 4:

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, eggs, chicken, raisins and chocolate, drink tea with honey, as they stimulate the immune system and accelerate the improvement of the fight against the virus. Health to you and your child. And remember to treat herpes during pregnancy is necessary under the relentless supervision of a physician!