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How to treat red throat babies

Red throat in infants could be the beginning of a serious illness. Redness is called scientifically hyperemia and is one of the signs of inflammation. It can occur as a result of enhanced blood flow to tissues, as well as due to the overflow capillaries or blood vessels. This process is the body's response to irritants. These factors may act as viruses and bacteria, the adverse effects of the environment.

How to treat red throat babies

Instruction how to treat red throat babies

Step 1:

There are several ways to treat red throat in infants. In this medical method of treatment includes use of drugs to get rid of congestion. Typically, doctors prescribe in this case: "Septefril" (mash a quarter of a tablet and mix with a teaspoon of water), syrup "Erespal" sprays "Tantum Verde", "Geksoral". There is also a large number of gels, which should be lubricated with a sore throat baby.

Step 2:

There are also safer for the treatment of the red neck of the child. These tools include the methods of traditional medicine. You can rinse the babies throat cooked broth chamomile or calendula. Buy this at the pharmacy a large syringe to using it carefully carry out irrigation of the throat of the patient kid.

Step 3:

Give your child a warm drink chamomile tea.

Step 4:

Take 100 grams of water, 1 tablespoon of tincture of licorice root, three tablets cough (they are called), three tablets "Mukaltin". Dissolve all ingredients. Let the child obtained the solution, when a sore throat one teaspoon every hour or two.

Step 5:

Rinse mouth baby sage broth. To do this, take 2 teaspoons of dried herb sage and fill them with boiling water. Cover container with a lid and let brewed liquid for 15 minutes. Then, when the liquid cools down (it should be necessarily warm) rinse baby sore neck. In this case it is best to hold a child above the bath.

Step 6:

Make your baby's throat to compress of warm fat cottage cheese. Secure it slightly warm scarf. A few hours later change cottage cheese and leave the scarf around the neck for a few hours.

Step 7:

Let your child to drink more. Make a hot tea and add a little honey. This tea lets your child to drink every half hour.