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How to treat scabies in children

Itch mite is easily transmitted through household items, therefore contamination of scabies in children's groups takes place, though not often, but fast enough. But as the time to identify, treat and then prevent the contagious disease? This question is of interest to all parents.

How to treat scabies in children

Instruction how to treat scabies in children

Step 1:

Inspect regularly baby's skin surface as scabies can occur in one or two months after infection. And if the skin of the child were traces that resemble gray scratches with point moves and their baby constantly brushing (especially at night - the period of activity of scabies mite), consult a doctor - a dermatologist child - to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Step 2:

Persevere in carrying out laboratory diagnosis, provided that the other doctor has diagnosed only by visual inspection. It is important for the proper treatment, because small children scabies often occurs under the guise of an allergy, dermatitis and eczema.

Step 3:

Isolate the child from others in confirming the diagnosis of "scabies". This will prevent his re-infection, and contamination of the surrounding children.

Step 4:

Treatment insecticidal (antiparasitic) means use only on prescription, because drugs may have contraindications, and dosage and course of treatment often depends on the age of the child.

Step 5:

For the treatment of scabies in children prescribed a 10% suspension of benzyl benzoate (Apply evenly to clean skin on the 1st and 4th day of treatment). After rubbing the drug into the skin of the child put on clean clothes. Two days after the second rubbing suspension bathe the baby and change their clothes again.

Step 6:

"Spregal" - an aerosol is also used to treat scabies. It is designed for a single treatment of the skin. Spray it over the entire surface of the skin, in addition to the face and head, at a distance of 20-30 cm. In the treatment of the skin, close the child's eyes and mouth with a damp cloth. After 12 hours after application of the drug, i.e. in the morning, wash your baby with soap and water.

Step 7:

Not less common use in the treatment of scabies "Medifoksa". Before use, dilute 1/3 of the bottle with 100 ml of boiled water (22 ° C) and lubricate the skin of the child at night for three consecutive days. On the fourth day, bathe the baby and put him clean clothes.

Step 8:

Treatment of scabies in children is also made 10% sulfuric ointment. During the week, on the night of sulfuric ointment lubricate the entire skin surface except the face and head. At the end of treatment, bathe the baby and change his underwear and bed linen.

Step 9:

After the treatment of scabies do re-diagnosis to rule out or confirm the need for re-treatment.

Step 10:

During treatment treat the room and placed it subjects detergents. Change the bedding at the beginning and end of the treatment, and the old soak in detergent, boil, wash and dry it in the sun. Things that can not be boiled (soft toys, blankets, woollens, etc..), Lay out in the sun for a week, for example, on the balcony or in the 3 days, place them in a sealed plastic bag.