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How to treat strabismus in children

Strabismus - one of the most common and dangerous diseases of childhood. It can lead to a loss of binocular vision (vision with both eyes), formed by 5-6 years, which is essential to the correct ratio of the surrounding objects in space. The whole world at the same time is perceived in a distorted, the wrong way. Usually strabismus develops in the first three years of life, and often accompanied by a decrease in visual acuity.

How to treat strabismus in children

Instruction how to treat strabismus in children

Step 1:

There are more than twenty kinds of squint, each of which requires an individual approach to treatment. Often the disease is caused by a violation of the child's work of one of the eyes. Therefore, children are advised to wear a special bandage that will cover the strong eye. Get a similar tool as soon as possible and use it daily. Avoid peeping through the bandage healthy eye. Otherwise, the entire procedure would be pointless.

Step 2:

About a year and a half children opticians prescribe glasses for regular wear. Usually they are recommended in the presence of farsightedness and nearsightedness. For inclusion in active squinting eyes healthy eyes also covered the special valve. This procedure lasts a few months. At this time you need to train the patient eye. Encourage your child to do embroidery, drawing, collecting mosaics and other exercises that stimulate the visual processes. However, most often in strabismus of the use of glasses is not enough action. Therefore, conservative treatment is conducted using hardware techniques. Similar methods of struggle aimed at stimulating a child the ability to merge images from two eyes into a single visual image.

Step 3:

At some point in the treatment of children strabismus, when indicated, it is necessary to carry out surgery. The term of his depends on visual acuity. But usually recommend surgery done between the ages of 3 to 5 years, when the child has already mastered the exercises on the combination and fusion of images and objects. Its essence lies in the shortening or lengthening of the eye muscles. With strong deviations from the norm, you may need more than one, but several surgical interventions. Even a successful operation can not guarantee full recovery of binocular vision. Therefore, continue to carry out comprehensive treatment of strabismus and trains the muscles exercises.

Step 4:

Some types of strabismus (eg low and erratic angles) rather difficult to operate. Now apply the new technology of the operation without the use of sharp objects (scissors, scalpel or laser beams). They provide a bloodless surgical exposure polya.Pri more severe forms of strabismus (when the eye squints up or down), and surgery can not always recover the full binocular vision. Such treatments make it possible to remove only the outer appearance defect.