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How to treat the child from the heat

High body temperature in a child - the strongest stress for parents, especially when it comes to newborn. Heat can talk about the imperfection of the immune system and other body systems. The kid with the capricious, cry, does not respond to the requests of adults sluggish.

How to treat the child from the heat

Instruction how to treat the child from the heat

Step 1:

The reasons for raising the temperature enough. It can be intense physical activity in violation of the normal heat transfer mechanisms (when the child is very warmly dressed, in the room there is a high humidity). More often the temperature rises due to exposure to the center of thermoregulation pyrogens. These include most types of pathogens infections - viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Step 2:

Heat is not necessary to bring down its own. Drug therapy should be prescribed by a doctor based on the patient's state of health. But usually they do not recommend to give antipyretic drugs at a temperature below 38.5 degrees. Typically, doctors prescribe a special children's products based on paracetamol. When selecting their shape in mind that medication in a syrup operate in 20 - 30 minutes, in the candlelight - 30 - 45, but their effect lasts longer. All means let the baby strictly according to instructions, not to exceed the dosage rate. If the baby's temperature reaches 39 degrees, immediately call an ambulance. Arrived doctors will make the baby an injection antipyretic, and if necessary offer hospitalization.

Step 3:

Before arrival of the doctor, or for general prevention of a further rise in temperature should take a number of measures. First, the child needs rest. Limit his motor activity, do not let the hysteria, screaming, to sort things out. Your job as a parent - to create a calm environment. You can arrange a joint reading, or watching your favorite cartoons.

Step 4:

With increased body temperature, the body is experiencing a large loss of fluids due to rapid breathing and severe sweating. This phenomenon leads to a thickening of the blood, and as a consequence of the fact is a violation of the blood supply to tissues and organs, reducing the effectiveness of drugs, drying of the mucous membranes. The body loses heat through potoispareniya. So the main thing here - a good sweat. In order to make it than to sweat, you need to drink plenty of liquids. Good agents are rehydrated touring GIDROVIT, Regidron, Regidrare and other drugs for oral administration. They contain many substances required by the body - sodium, chloride and potassium. You just need them to breed boiled vodoy.Vmesto medicines can make tea (black, green, fruit). Add to it a little bit of raspberry, lemon juice and finely chopped apples. Cook the stewed raisins, dried apricots or prunes. This drink is not only useful but also delicious to your baby.

Step 5:

Slightly lower the temperature possible by rubdowns. To date, the best way for them is warm water. Undress the baby and cover the thin sheet. Can Wipe clean with a damp cloth or towel soaked in warm water, or her hand. Pay special attention to hands, feet, groin, elbow and elbow folds, neck, face and armpits. To achieve the desired result wiping spend at least poluchasa.Povyshenie body temperature should testify for parents about the fact of the presence of the disease. Therefore, they should give serious consideration to this situation in a timely manner and to ask for help.