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How to update a cot

Often cribs are inherited, often mom puts her baby to sleep in the same cradle where she was resting, when it was in its infancy. Dispose of things like pity, especially if the furniture is wooden and made very high quality.

How to update a cot

You will need:

- new mattress; - sandpaper; - Stiff brush; - Primer; - Paint suitable for the treatment of children's furniture; - Napkins and decoupage glue; - Cautery device.

Instruction how to upgrade a cot

Step 1:

Carefully inspect the bed, check the status of all its parts. You definitely need to replace the mattress is new modern model, which will help the child to grow correctly and does not deform the spine. In no case do not leave the old cotton or foam mattress.

Step 2:

It needs to replace the wheels and crib that they are easy to move, allowing you to quickly move the furniture where it is convenient to lay the baby.

Step 3:

Carefully disassemble the thing. If some of the wooden crib broken or badly damaged, set them aside and make the same in the carpentry shop.

Step 4:

Remove the old cracked cover special stripper or a large sandpaper. Clean the work area from debris and complete the cleansing with fine sandpaper. Stiff brush, remove dust from the treated wooden elements.

Step 5:

Treat the crib a special primer, which protects the wood and help the new coating is better to lie down. Paint select only for indoor use and suitable for children's furniture. There textured coatings based on acrylic latex, they are ideal for the restoration of the crib. Apply the paint with a synthetic brush or small roller.

Step 6:

When working strictly observe the recommendations listed in the instructions for use. To achieve juicy bright color, apply another coat of paint after the first is dry. For more decorative paint every perekladinku on crib painted a different color.

Step 7:

A cot can be decorated with the help of decoupage napkins. Apply funny drawings on the back cover on the outside and a suitable water-based varnish.

Step 8:

If you have the opportunity and ability, you can try the burn with a special ornament on the device cradle. Figure choose a simple, crisp and clear. You can write some good wishes or nursery rhyme stylish interesting font.

Step 9:

In crib baby spends a lot of time and study of the external world begins with this piece of furniture, so the thing is restored with love and affection, gently and carefully.