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How to use the sling

Sling - it is a simple and very convenient invention. Using it on the mother's body can be mounted baby. Special amenities creates a sling, which has a special ring. The fact that they allow to adjust the desired degree of tension edges. But sling with ties from time to time have perezakreplyat and bandaging.

How to use the sling

Instruction how to use a sling

Step 1:

There are several options for using the sling. Option one - the cradle. Wrap sling around mom's body over one shoulder, and which will be in the ring. With their help, you will adjust the tension of the sling. Place the child in the resulting pocket. Then tighten the sling edge so that the baby was in a comfortable position. With this method of wearing the sling is important to consider one detail - the right hand of my mother should support the baby's head.

Step 2:

Option Two - upright sitting position. Just as in the first version, do all the initial steps, that is, wrap the sling over his shoulder, and the ring must be on the shoulder, and will be located in front of the pocket. Put the baby in the pocket so that his legs wrapped around your waist. Spread the sling so that he supported the child in a sitting position and the baby was free to look around. Such an embodiment of the use of the sling is necessary for a long time to adapt, but over time, this method will be simply indispensable for you.

Step 3:

Option Three - position on the thigh. Initial steps are the same as in the previous embodiments. But in this case the baby sits on the hip mom, his legs while grasping your side. Then slowly pull the upper and lower edge of the sling. These actions need to be done to the baby took a comfortable position. Once you reach the desired result, it will be convenient to look around and observe the environment.

Step 4:

Buy this accessory in specialized stores. The acquisition of Sling at random sellers may result in unpleasant consequences, such as allergic to the fabric of the child or discomfort while wearing her mother. Be sure to check the condition of the Rings.

Step 5:

Depending on their age, to their kid primotat can be weaker or tighter. In any case, you can either put it to sleep or give the child free. And finally, most importantly - make sure the fabric edges. Do not let them cut or crushed the delicate skin of your baby.