How To Use The Vapor Tube | Children




How to use the vapor tube

Colic - this is normal in children of the first year of life. To help your child get rid of the pain, there are many methods. One of these is the use venting tube.

How to use the vapor tube

You will need:

- vapor pipe; - Cream, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil; - Clean diaper; - A diaper.

Instruction how to use the vapor tube

Step 1:

If for a long time baby cries, his belly like a drum, it is possible to apply the vapor tube. Remember that the use of the vapor tube - the most extreme method. It's worth a try if not assisted by other ways of getting rid of your baby from colic (or Espumizan Plantex, stroking his hand around the navel in a clockwise direction, iron warmed diaper attached to the umbilical region, exercise "a bike", Snuggling and disposal bent legs to the stomach and lying to your child's naked belly on her bare stomach). Optimally, if the vapor tube to supply a doctor.

Step 2:

Take the sterilized or boiled vapor-up, is stored in a clean package, or buy it at a pharmacy.

Step 3:

Lubricate her baby cream, a conventional vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.

Step 4:

Place your baby on a clean diaper on his back. His legs bend at the knees and push the abdomen.

Step 5:

Enter the vapor pipe as deep as possible. Doing this is very carefully screwed into motion, holding baby feet to the tummy. If suddenly you feel some resistance when introducing tube, stop her enter.

Step 6:

The inserted tube slightly twist the pope. At the same time stroking the baby warm hand on the belly or legs do exercise "a bike".

Step 7:

Wait 2-3 minutes and remove the vapor tube. Lubricate the ass baby baby cream.

Step 8:

Cover the baby diaper or diaper. As your child can be periodically crap for 10-20 minutes.

Step 9:

If the introduction of the vapor tube does not work, the stomach is still solid and the baby is crying, call the pediatrician.