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How to wake grudnichka

A healthy and active child, it is desirable not to wake for feeding, and wait until he wakes up and he wants to eat. However, a premature baby or weakened may sleep for many hours without waking. This will lead to the fact that he does not get enough milk, and further weaken.

How to wake grudnichka

Instruction how to wake grudnichka

Step 1:

Watch the kid sleep before his wake. There are several phases of sleep, among which distinguish a deep sleep and rapid. In the phase of REM sleep a child is easier to wake up, and you need less effort to wake him. Signs of REM sleep are twitching arms and legs, the child eye movement under closed eyelids, changes facial expressions, such as smiling.

Step 2:

Remove from the crib blanket and very gently unwrapped the baby. Try to undress the child and change his diaper. All this must be done constantly stroking the head and stomach, both smiling crumbs, so as not to scare. Changing temperatures and gentle touch are able to quickly awaken the majority of children.

Step 3:

Take the baby in his arms and push yourself. For suckling close contact with the mother is the main element of cognition and can cause awakening. Hold the baby close to her chest. In a low voice talk to the baby or sing him a song. When you see that it starts to wake up, hold the crumbs to his face and look him in the eye. Eye contact will contribute to awakening and make it more enjoyable.

Step 4:

If all previous methods have not worked, try wiping the forehead of the child warm and moist cotton swab or massage it with gentle circular movements. From these your actions he would wake up.