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How to wake the baby

The kids are so sweet sleep and disrupt their sleep is necessary. For example, to accustom them to the new regime of the day before the definition of the kindergarten. Waking the child should be correct. To do this, there are some simple tips to help you not to spoil the mood of the baby and parents, which is important.

How to wake the baby

Instruction how to wake the baby

Step 1:

When you start to drive the child to the kindergarten, the baby should be daily routine similar to the one that followed in preschool educational institution. Find out how much time is devoted to quiet time. Typically, the day the children sleep 2-2.5 hours. At night sleep of a child must be 10-14 hours (depending on age). Calculate the normal duration of a night's sleep.

Step 2:

Lay your baby to sleep before you go. For a child to sleep it is very important, because it affects his nervous, locomotor system. If the little man did not go to bed on time, come up with such an occupation, after which you need to sleep. Read your child a story or sing a lullaby. A child needs to understand that there was a tradition followed by a night's sleep.

Step 3:

Before you put your baby to sleep, be sure to ventilate the room. Keep the temperature in the room where the child's bed, did not exceed 19 degrees.

Step 4:

Provide necessary conditions for the child, his dream was comfortable. If a child is afraid of the dark, turn on the lamp, which provides shade. Give your little man his favorite toy. As a rule, the majority of children, there are teddy bears, bunnies, dogs and the like. Close to inanimate other kids will not be bored.

Step 5:

Try to extraneous sounds are not violated sweet dream of your child. Provide child motor activity in the evening to the little man was tired. Note that an empty stomach can also interfere with sleep time, so feed the baby in advance.

Step 6:

In the morning wake pat the baby's head. Say a few tender words. If the child after the phrase, "Time to get up," categorically refused to do so interested in it. Naprimre, tell the little man, that "now you go along to watch a cat or a dog." Usually, children love animals and was happy to get up.

Step 7:

Note that a sharp rise in the baby harm to his health. The transition from sleep to wakefulness should be smooth. Therefore, let the child lie down and soak in their warm bed. After all, you yourself are not against it.