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How to wean a baby from the pacifier and bottle

Dummy and bottle - an essential attribute in the care of the baby. But the kid is growing, and there comes a time to say goodbye to them. This is where the problems begin.

How to wean a baby from the pacifier and bottle

If your child turned one year old, and he still can not sleep without pacifiers and drinking from a bottle, it's time to start an operation to excommunication from these beneficial attributes. Strongly should do if your baby is teething - no additional stress it is not needed. Also, do not proceed with the transaction if your child is unwell - he must be completely happy and cheerful.

Begin to wean a child from something one - with the fact that you think you need at least a child at a given time. For example, a bottle. Just hide away (or better discard) all the bottles and let the baby mix, milk and liquid porridge from a feeder cup. At first he could not take it very positively, but will soon become accustomed. The main thing that the bottle never caught his eye.

It will take week or so, the other, you can proceed to excommunication nipples. If the baby does not let it out of his mouth during the day, minimize its STAYS mouth baby - explain that if we take a pacifier in her mouth, then we close the eyes and go to sleep. Those. Getting let pacifier only a dream. Next patient, discard all the nipples.

Baby two days may experience, will ask to give him a pacifier, but soon calm down and forget about its existence. The main thing that she suddenly somewhere not reminded of itself. For one and a half years would be good, so that the child is fully weaned from pacifiers and bottles.