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How to wean a child from smoking

A significant proportion of adult smokers are people addicted to this habit as a child. If a cigarette and took your child, we must act immediately and decisively. Throw in adulthood it will be much harder.

How to wean a child from smoking

Instruction how to wean the baby from smoking

Step 1:

To begin to deal with the children's smoking, you must first detect the presence of a child this habit. It is possible that in his pockets, briefcase or you find any cigarettes or lighters - he can take it all with friends. This small smoker will do everything to no evidence he was found. Much more telltale sign - the smell of tobacco. It can come from both the child and his belongings from. If tabakomm from his mouth does not smell at all, and clothes that smell exudes, it means that he does not smoke himself, but for a long time is next to a steaming peers. It's too bad.

Step 2:

Do not show the photos of the smoker's lung - among schoolchildren There is a rumor that these pictures are fake and designed for the purpose of intimidation. Do not shout at the child, do not try to punish him, do not scare campaign to the psychiatrist - that you only increase his desire for the forbidden fruit.

Step 3:

The main reason to start smoking for children is the desire to look like an adult. But the child probably wants to not only grow, but to grow more. Explain to him that the second of those who started smoking at a young age, it is impossible. Give examples of friends who find themselves in this situation. Sometimes this is quite enough.

Step 4:

Another argument, which may adopt parents, children could be the desire to become stronger. The fact that weak child being bullied peers, the child does not need to explain - he knows it himself. But the fact that a cigarette can stay weak forever, he could not guess. Explain it to him.

Step 5:

On the girl can not act both previous argument. Not all of them tend to be strong and high, and many of them have heard from friends that nicotine helps to lose weight. Tell the daughter of that by this method of weight loss is rapidly aging skin, especially on the face. Show her pictures of girls, which made smoking look like old women in the 25-year-old. Say that women smokers are reluctant to take in marriage, especially tall and strong male nonsmokers.

Step 6:

Tell us what smokers children still looks funny, comical juvenile and adult solid remains so without a cigarette. Introduce the child to the concept of the inferiority complex - even to think about, whether it relates to it. Pay attention to his smoking street children, ask if they look, in his opinion, an adult. Then somehow give him examples of scientists, athletes who do not smoke.

Step 7:

And most importantly: if you smoke yourself, be done with it immediately. Otherwise, any attempt to wean from smoking son or daughter will be unsuccessful.