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How to wean a child to drink beer

Alcoholism - a real scourge of Russia. Maybe that's why some parents are "blind eye" look at what their teenagers consume beer. Beer refers to the low-alcohol drinks. But if it is consumed frequently and in large quantities, it can be addictive and a "bouquet" of diseases. Therefore, parents should make every effort to wean children from the excessive consumption of the drink.

How to wean a child to drink beer

Instruction how to wean a child to drink beer

Step 1:

Notation, threats, categorical exclusions, you will not achieve anything. Firstly, the forbidden fruit is sweet. Secondly, young people are very stubborn. Angry, they are made of pure principle do the opposite. Similarly, it pointless to argue that it is dangerous and very damaging to the health. Think of yourself in the awkward age: you often thought about the question, what will happen in five or ten years? Very few teenagers inherent in thinking for the future. Not to mention the fact that at their age any diseases seem distant abstraction.

Step 2:

First of all you need to determine the cause, which has pushed a child to alcohol. Analyze the relationships in the family, perhaps a teenager started drinking because of mental discomfort. Maybe it affected the company, in which it is located. Try as soon as possible to eradicate the cause.

Step 3:

Softly and gently persuade the son or daughter of that beer consumption does not measure intelligence, slope, independence. Delicately and gently gives him the idea that he is a teenager who does not drink alcohol, do not give in to the herd instinct, is worthy of respect.

Step 4:

Periodically teenager tell stories about how people ruin oneself by drink and die. Give examples of life. You need to convey to the child that drinking alcohol, he descends to the lowest level and the risk of losing all of your friends. Show your child illustrations that depict what happens in the body of the alcoholic.

Step 5:

Try to take all the child's free time. To do this, write it down on any courses or clubs. But here it is necessary to take into account the preferences and interests of a teenager. For example, he always wanted to do horseback riding. Write it to class on the racetrack. Or my daughter wants to learn to skate. In this case, pay rates skating.

Step 6:

Specially developed techniques to combat child alcoholism does not exist yet, but you can go to a therapist. It is this expert can help you in the current issue.

Step 7:

Very often, alcohol consumption is a consequence of the fact that the child does not feel the contact with the parents or not sure that they love it. Of course, you are thinking may seem the height of absurdity, but in puberty due to abrupt hormonal changes to expect a reasonable approach to the problems is simply pointless. So try, despite the time and fatigue, take time for a child to be interested in his affairs. He must be sure that Mom and Dad still love it.